Carbapenem Resistant Klebsiella

Carbapenem Resistant Klebsiella

There are a lot of reasons why infections like Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae surfaced, affecting many people all over the world. The changes in the world people live can be partly blamed, but there reason for this is misuse of antibiotics. You see if patients are treated with antibiotics, they should follow it base on how their doctors prescribed it to them. For instance, if you are getting treated for some infection, you have to follow the right dosage in order for you to prevent being resistant to the said medicine like carbapenem. If you will not be compliant and if other people are just like you, then it is no wonder why enterobacteriaceae and Carbapenem resistant klebsiella are present.

Recently, a lot of news being reported are all about these antibiotic resistant bacteria. These have certainly caused a lot of stir in the medical community because if people and patients will start developing these resistant bugs, time will come wherein they will not be getting the treatment they deserve because none of the available antibiotics will be available for them to use. In other words, if you are antibiotic resistant, you know that not one antibiotic will work for you and cure you of your disease.

Scope of Antibiotic Resistance

Cases of enterobacteriaceae and Carbapenem resistant klebsiella were reported in most parts of America. As a matter of fact, in West Coast in Los Angeles County, the Health Department already reported about 356 cases of antibiotic resistance in during the later parts of 2010. According to the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America, there is a 35 percent death rate among people who died because of bacteria and antibiotic resistance.

Closer Look At The Bacteria

Both bacteria were discovered sometime in 2008. Usually, carbapenems are used to treat both of them however some strains of the bacteria were able to develop some sort of resistance against carbapenems. In other words, what usually worked as the first-line standard treatment for people suffering from E. coli and the like suddenly developed the Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae condition.

The strains of these bacteria found to be resistant against carbapenems are actually capable of destroying the actual form of carbapenems. This is a big problem because as more and more antibiotic drugs are being developed, the more that people are developing resistance against them. Another difficult thing when it comes to dealing with these bacteria is that they are capable of multiplying and they can copy the elements of the genetics to develop another form of bacteria.

In order for physicians, scientists, and the health-care industry to fight off these bacteria forms, they need to work closely together in developing and identifying the organisms that they suspect to be the proponents of the bacteria. They can use the samples to send to some laboratory so that they could be studied and later on, more antibiotic drugs will be discovered to battle out antibiotic resistance. It may not seem that much now, but later on if people will all become resistant to antibiotics, then they will not be able to fight off infection and bacteria anymore.