Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae

Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae

This is simply overwhelming to say the least. The reason for this is that the Carbapenem resistant enterobacteriaceae, also called CRE is very common. Not only is it at the top of everyone’s dread list but it is also very dangerous. It is resistant to three powerful antibiotics in the market, including carbapenems. The latter are known for their potency and power and therefore if they fail to treat a form of bacterial infection, chances are very high that no other antibiotic in the market will be able to treat that. Additional bad news is that enterobactericeae is a super bug that is picked up in hospitals and it brings about a myriad of complications and infections. The bad thing is that even though this resistance starts with one bacterium which produces enzymes that inactivate the carbapenems, the one bacterium communicates its ability to its sister bacteria. Remember that bacteria can mutate, evolve and develop faster than the medical fraternity’s ability to develop ideas, and this is what is bringing about this proliferation of drug resistant bacteria.

CRE causes pneumonia, infections of the circulation system and even meningitis. All of these are very dangerous conditions and if not taken care of fast, they kill. At least, the least that one can do is to go for diagnosis, not necessarily for prognosis but so that they can be advised about how they can keep from spreading these antibiotic resistant bacteria to others. And does it spread fast! In the US, the first CRE case was reported in 1999 but today, there are 32 states where these bacteria have been reported, and this list keeps growing. CRE, brought about by gram-negative bacteria is deadly, and it spreads fast. However, that you have been found to have CRE does not point to imminent death. On the contrary, there are things you can do to make sure that you do not infect other people. Remember that research is the key. You need to know as much as you can about CRE, how it is spread and why it comes about. In future, you can be able to prevent such an occurrence.

One of the major causes of antibiotic resistance is the misuse of the antibiotic. It is very important that you use medicine as the doctor advices, not a dose less and not a dose more. This is not only about carbapenems but it is about any other drug in the market as well. But most people do not misuse an antibiotic knowingly. For example, one may buy an over the counter antibiotic while they suffer a cold which is viral. It is important to buy prescription medicine whenever possible and only after diagnosis.

How is CRE spread? This is not airborne, and therefore it is spread from one person to another through bodily contact. Since one of the most obvious areas where one can pick CRE is in hospitals and nursing homes, many victims will spread this to the healthcare staff who take care of them. It is important to know that since this one is mostly picked up at the hospitals. Healthy people who only go to hospitals once in a while are not at risk of catching this. The people who are at risk are those with chronic illnesses because of prolonged stay in hospital. People who use penetrative medical devices like catheters are also at risk of catching the bacteria.

Once you realize that you have CRE, infection control measures have to be implemented immediately so that you do not spread this organism to the other people in the family. From hence forth, infection conntriol measures should be part of your lifestyle until advised otherwise by the doctor. There is a way that you can prevent yourself from catching CRE and its better to find more information about prevention. You really don’t need this super bug. Do you?