For people who are looking for the last resort to take care of all bacterial infection, carbapenems are the perfect solution. They are readily available, are very popular and are readily available in many different brands in the USA and in other countries. They are just perfect to combat bacteria. As a class of beta lactam antibiotics, they are virtually able to combat any aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. So far, they are the only effective solution against the beta lactamase forming bacteria as they bind with the cell and prohibit cell wall communication. In the class of penicillin, these are the most available and most effective and therefore they can take care of almost all manner of bacteria with the exclusion of intracellular bacteria.

Currently, there are no oral dosages for them and for the most serious infections from bacteria, these drugs are offered intravenously in the hospital. The good news is that full research is underway to produce oral carbapenems, which will provide relief for many people. At the same time, it is wise to give credit where its due, and the advance that this anti bacteria drugs have brought a long is indeed admirable.

Structurally, carbapenems are similar to penicillin except in the sulfur atom, which, in the carbapenems, has been replaced with a carbon atom, thus the name carbapenems. This structure is actually very important because it is the one that renders them the ability to resist the beta lactamase that is found in many bacteria. While critics may argue that active strains of carbapenems resistant bacteria have been found in the USA and the UK, the race is on to develop carbapenems that will take care of that too.

Benefits Of Carbapenems

Carbapenems are available in many health institutions in the world where they are offered in form of intravenous means. Dangerous, killer diseases that have troubled man since time immemorial can now be taken care of and therefore no unnecessary deaths can occur. For example, pneumonia, caused by klebsiella pneumonia can now be taken care of fast by carbapenems.

For people who have never heard of these ones before, there is a lot of information on the internet. In fact, they are very popular just like the penicillin but everyone agrees that they are more powerful than penicillin and research is still ongoing to make them even more powerful. The good news is that soon, there may even be a group of carbapenems that will be able to handle the drug resistant strains of bacteria in existence.

Most of the carbapenems in the market are easy to find because they have names that end in “penem”. Such include drugs like meropenem, Ertapenem, biapenem, meripenem and a few others. All of them are FDA approved and have the ability to fight most of bacteria. Although the resistant strains of bacteria emerging are cause for alarm, you can be sure that this will soon be taken care of. Actually, the reason why these drugs are now only offered through intravenous administration is to reduce the risk of resistance but soon, it is expected that there will be an oral dosage for all people.

Grouped into two, the first group of carbapenems has limited activity against the non-fermentative bacteria while the second group has full activity against the non-fermentative bacteria. What is important though is the fact that carbapenems keep getting better with time as more research is being undertaken to develop even better ones. Soon, there will, be oral carbapenems in the market, and hopefully, some that will be able to combat the resistant bacteria.

From the USA, UK, India, Pakistan, Thailand and elsewhere, carbapenems are available the whole world over.