Carbapenem Antibiotics

Carbapenem Antibiotics

Serious hospital acquired infection kills and therefore this led to the need to develop a drug that would be able to combat that. The good news is that the carbapenems are able to offer relief and healing from such infections. Carbapenems antibiotics work by inhibiting the bacteria cell wall synthesis. Largely grouped into two major groups; the first group is made of carbapenems that have limited activity against the gram negative bacilli while the second group is made up of very active carbapenems, meaning that such are very active against gram negative bacilli.

For every type of bacterial infection, there will be a different type of carbapenems that will be used to combat the same. The good news is that almost every kind of bacterial infection acquired in the hospital can now be taken care of very well. It is important though, to note that research is still ongoing especially after the realization that there has emerged an active strain of bacteria that resist the administration of carbapenems. Thus, there is need for more information about the same and the good news is that if you are searching for information, it is readily available on the internet.

Today, in the advanced countries and even in the developing world, the carbapenems are widely acclaimed for their ability to combat hospital acquired bacterial infection. So far they are the best antibiotics available the world over. Although there is limited or zero orally administrated carbapenems, research is fully on track now and soon, there will be carbapenems available for oral dosages and administrations. Currently, what is available is only administered through the intravenous drip in hospitals. The good thing though is that as far as taking care of the most serious bacterial infections, the carbapenems have gone a long way. More carbapenems keep emerging in the market, and the most recent are actually the best. With time, the drugs keep getting better.

You can know the carbapenems by their names because they end by the term penem, with no exceptions. Different carbapenems are used to treat different situations as may be applicable for them only. For example, meropenems, which are perhaps the most popular, are used in combination with other agents to treat bacterial meningitis, which is caused by the bacteria S. pneumoniae. Of course, bacterial meningitis is a killer disease, which, if not taken care of fast and with the right agents and drugs, it almost leads to imminent death within a short time. Luckily, not any more with the advent of the FDA approved Meropenem. It is also used in the treatment of complex skin complications caused by bacteria.

Imipenem on the other hand is administered in combination with an agent, most likely cilastatin sodium solution, to combat infections that may occur in the lower respiratory tract, intra abdominal bacterial infections and skin infections. It is also used to treat gynecological troubles as well as bone infections. It is administered intravenously.

Good news is that for almost any kind of bacterial infection, there are carbapenems to combat that. With that knowledge, and with the researchers working round the clock to come up with even better administrations, the good news is that soon, there will still be much more on offer.

Now, people can rest easy knowing that these powerful antibiotics are taking care of all hospital-acquired strains of bacteria, which are quite deadly. Dosages may be as little as 500mg for most carbapenems but that is left to the discretion of the doctor. It is very important that you go to hospital for diagnosis and so that the right antibiotics can be administered. Bacterial infections are deadly, to say the least and therefore you should seek diagnosis and prognosis immediately you suspect anything amiss. As the most powerful antibiotics in the market today, you will find relief from carbapenems.